Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What to do with your Junk Mail

I don't know about you but, my mail box is constantly filled with junk mail consisting from pre-approved credit card offers to vote for me literature from politicians. Well just don't throw that junk mail away! Mail it back to the people that send it to you.
You can either just write Return To Sender on the front of the envelope and put it in a mail box or you can mail those business reply envelops back to them(which they've already nicely paid postage for). The latter option is my favorite. I usually fill those postage paid business reply letters with the stuff they sent me, shredded up of course, right back to them. You can mail anything you'd like back to them actually within the business reply letters. Fill it with the obituaries, the personal section from your local weekly or maybe some pages ripped out of your least favorite porn magazine. Just remember don't put your return address or your name on any of the material you mail back to them.

You should try it sometimes, it can be really satisfying.

Mail On!

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MariGR said...

That sounds like a great task!
*hint hint*